I’ve spent the last two weeks writing a number of blogs. You’ll notice that non of them appear anywhere on my page. I’ll be honest, I’ve found it a real struggle. Not in the actual writing, there is five unpublished drafts sat there looking pretty with a total of around 3,500 words. What is troubling me however is the topics I’ve been writing about. The whole point of this blog is to share my thoughts and observations on the general day to day. I want to write something that I would enjoy reading and make me eager to read the next one. So a quick look at the drafts and I see titles such as:

“How to really annoy me.” “It appears everyone is an expert these days.” “Older certainly does not mean wiser.” 

A common theme. Negativity! I’m not saying I want everything I write to be an inspiring positive outlook on life, but neither do I want people to read this and think, “you’d be better off writing to Dear Diedre.” Every now and again it’s funny reading a rant posted by an angry individual. But if you’re doing it all the time it will get very boring very quickly. These angry rants do not make for enjoyable reading, there is a distinct lack of coherence. I find it impossible to stay on point. It reminds me of answering an essay question in a A-Level exam. There is so much going on inside your head that you want to put down on to the page so rather than making a point and explaining it properly, you waffle on for a few lines and then get straight on to the next point hoping that at the end it all comes together and makes sense. I will continue to look at these drafts and they will get published eventually.

At the moment I suppose it is all pretty academic as I’ve only told one or two people about this blog. So it’s not like anybody is reading it. Anyway I’ve decided that it is high time I started writing something for which this blog was intended and that is why tomorrow I’m going to share with you all what is more often than not the highlight of my week!


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