Binning the cigarettes – Days 1-3


Putting aside all the faff of actually procuring the Champix, (it would probably be easier getting heroin) I’ve actually got to start taking the things now. Seems pretty simple, I take one 0.5 mg pill every morning for the first three days. Then take the same pill morning and night for the remainder of the first week. After this I work my way up to the big boy dosage and start hitting the 1 mg tablets twice a day.

I don’t really know what to expect from these pills. I’ve heard different things. My Dad took them a few years ago and said they were really good. However he’d already quit cold turkey about a year before so the hard work was already done. He’d found himself falling back to the dark side and started taking the Champix to prevent full blown relapse. I have a colleague at work who has just started taking them a few days ago and she said even though you’re supposed to keep smoking when you start taking the tablets, they’re so good sometimes she forgets altogether to have a cigarette, (I’m taking that one with a pinch of salt!) In the interest of fairness I’ve heard some not so great things too. Another colleague of mine has tried quitting using Champix before. The side effects really hit him hard. He said when he got to the increased dosage he started tripping out. He likened it to an acid trip, I’m not familiar with this type of trip myself but experiencing it every day while you’re at work probably isn’t ideal.

Speaking of side effects, there seems to be a list as long as my arm. So many in fact they fit into four categories; very common, common, uncommon and rare. Pills can cause drowsiness, nausea, increased appetite, constipation, diarrhoea, abnormal dreams and even stroke to name but a few. Here’s a picture to give you an idea:


I haven’t read them all if I’m honest. I have always believed that the more you look at these things the more you start thinking they’re going to affect you. The more you start thinking they’re going to affect you the more likely it actually happens. Power of suggestion is very real in my opinion and sometimes ignorance is better. If I start feeling weird or tripping out everyday I can always look it up.   

I’ve decided to take my first pill on Saturday 5th April, (good a day as any I suppose). If I’m honest it is a pretty uneventful day. Actually it’s a completely uneventful first three days. I’m only taking one 0.5 mg a day and I can still smoke while taking these pills, something which I’m taking full advantage of while I am able. Slightly anxious these pills aren’t going to work. The only side effect I’ve had so far is something which resembles travel sickness if I take the pills on an empty stomach. Other than that there’s been nothing, nada, zilch. Still smoking the same amount as I usually do and not feeling like I want to stop smoking any time soon. I have an appointment at the clinic on the Wednesday, five days in. Hopefully this is all normal.


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